WHAT HO:PE Means to Us

H- helping

  1. Working with South African's and their ministries by providing support, encouragement, training, and an opportunity to help them be as successful as possible.

O- others

At the present the "others" that we are working most closely are:

  1. We Help Support a Home for Abandoned Babies

  2. A Feeding Center

    1. We help support a feeding center for 140 children (40 from child headed households) by repairing the building used, teaching year round production gardening methods (this model is unique and not used anywhere else), support for the gardening volunteers, provide encouragement to the volunteer staff.

  3. Rural Development 

    1. We support and work along side a gentleman that teaches improved methods of corn production and the year round production garden model where there is a constant variety of vegetables ready for harvest.

  4. Education and Skill Development

    1. We are providing a scholarship for a young lady that we work with in a rural school.  There has not been a 4th-5th grade teacher for over a year. Through her volunteering with the class she has come to realize that she has the dream to be a teacher. We want to help her realize her dream so she can better serve her community.

    2. By providing a Winter School at this rural school we work at. At this same rural school we provide a Winter School to encourage the students in their work, help support the teachers and staff, to demonstrate to the students that learning can be fun and purposeful. One student said at the last Winter School that “he had learned to dream.” That is our goal- to give the students a hope of a better life through education.

  5. Fatherless

    1. A lot of the young people we work with and students at the feeding center and school do not have fathers. We try to be a good role model demonstrating love, compassion, and how a family functions. At our next Winter School we will have a program for the mothers to train, equip, and encourage them to properly lead and serve their families without the fathers being present.

P- providing

The providing part of our work takes on many different forms. We do not just give money away. All provision starts with relationship. As we get to know better those we interact with we come to know them as friends. These friendships take time. As we spend time together we come to know their dreams and goals for themselves and their ministry. As we realize these, our goal is to be the blessing in their lives that our family, friends, and mentors were to us. Usually this takes the form of helping to pay some of the expenses for what they are trying to do. We also work with them to discover other methods and means that are available for accomplishing their dreams. In all our goal is not to give a hand-out but a hand-up. That while helping in the providing they do not learn dependence but independence.


E- encouragement

Through our gift of presence our desire is to create hope in the lives of the people that we interact with. This brings us back to our motivation. Carolyn having been gifted with a support structure and Randy being encouraged to make the most of his life. Realizing our blessings and giftedness is not just for our benefit and enjoyment but can actually be used to change the world. Project HO:PE gives us this opportunity to be the change that we want to be in the world.