Pastor Jan Chauke

Pastor Jan Chauke is a pastor is a rural community that we met in 2009.  In a country where so many of the pastors have the nicest cars and most extravagant lifestyles Pastor Jan is just the opposite.  His heart for God is demonstrated by his unselfish service to his church and community.  He has had a creche (preschool) for several years as a means of serving the working mothers of the community.  His small church has continued to grow and strengthen over the years.  He has outgrown this building and is in the process of building a larger building which has continued over the past years, but instead of making an appeal for funds and making this the focus of his ministry he continues to focus on the the real church-the people attending.  He has his priorities clearly established and in the right place.  He also visits a local prison.  His heart's passion and one focus is that people come to know Jesus Christ in a personal and growing relationship.  He inspires us by his humble, gentle, kind heart, and service to his community.  He never gives up or get discouraged.  He is another who does all he can with what he has, where he is.  We always feel encouraged and inspired every time we visit him.