Randy and Carolyn Collier

Randy and Carolyn Collier

In our eyes, Project HO:PE Africa is all about Helping Others by Providing Encouragement. And that is exactly what we strive to do through the projects and relationships we have developed over the last several years. Partnering with the communities in Bela Bela and Vingerkraal, we have seen lives changed and dreams realized.


The two of us have been incredibly fortunate and blessed in our own lives, and we find great joy in sharing with others. We realize that in order to have a strong hope for the future, sometimes people need a little outside help and encouragement. And we are grateful we have been given the opportunity to provide that through Project HO:PE Africa. 


Family values and support have been a foundation in both of our lives, and we continue to share these lessons in everything we do. Married since 1998, our love for each other and serving others has continued to grow. Carolyn and I worked for the same premier retail company in the Mid’West for 37 and 45 years respectively, and over those decades we developed many skills and life lessons including employee ownership, treating others fairly and honestly, developing the next generation, community involvement, and skill development. We feel sharing these skills can make the most important impact in the world.


We believe every person has the ability to dream, and we love supporting others to make the most of one’s life and discover their great potential. What started as a short trip to South Africa in 2009 has blossomed into a passion for supporting others and watching the blessings multiply. Like a ripple in a pond, touching one life at a time, building people up and empowering them to make change for their families and communities has made a beautiful difference.


WHAT HO:PE Means to Us



H- helping

O- others

P- providing

E- encouragement